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About RDI

About RDI

LIT is a leading provider of higher education that is student centred, research informed, industry relevant and accessible for all. Our approach across all levels of teaching, from certificate to PhD (level 6 to 10), is one of active learning, where the fusion of theory and practice delivers work ready graduates. LIT, in conjunction with our Technological University partners AIT, have formed the Technological University of the Shannon (TUS): Midlands Midwest. TUS, signifying a new beginning, is committed to building research capacity and scale with a strong link to education and enterprise with a global orientation. 

The ‘knowledge square’ of research, innovation, education and society is  the foundation of our knowledge-based research approach, disseminating knowledge, transforming ideas into businesses, delivering global impact, value and innovative solutions for the economy and society.
We continue to focus on innovative applied research, in partnership with indigenous and international organisations, while building on existing and emerging areas of expertise within LIT and AIT. Our commitment to the region and strategic partnerships will result in inspiring and enabling transformative research, development and innovation output for all of our stakeholders.  Given our strong research base across multiple domains and international track-record, TUS is committed to open science principles and is well positioned to make an even greater impact on society be it on life-sciences: health and environmental sustainability, the digital divide, community, sport, cultural and economic development.

Under the European Universities Initiative, LIT along with its Technological University of the Shannon: Midlands Midwest partner, AIT and six other Higher Educational Institutes from across Europe has formed the Regional University Network: RUN-EU

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