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Energy Areas Continued

Energy Areas Continued

nZEB Building Optimisation

Our energy team has specific expertise in relation to nZEB Optimisation both for residential and non-residential buildings.  Our knowledge comes from our team of engineers, architects and analysists who can assess energy performance and define optimisation solutions.  We work closely with the Tipperary Energy Agency and other technical experts to research and develop new solutions for nZEB buildings (e.g. Superhomes 2.0 on Optimisation of Air Source Heat Pumps) as well as demonstrate new technologies (e.g. FREED demonstration of Battery Storage and PV optimisation technologies). 

Capacity Building related to Sustainable Building

We have developed specific expertise in relation to capacity building and support for construction workers and operatives within the field of Low and Near Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB) . We led the Build Up Skills and QualiBuild Initiatives which both set strategic objectives and implemented actions to increase the knowledge and skills of construction workers in the field.  We represented Ireland on the European Build Up Skills Platform and continue to engage with EU Commission, EASME and EU partners in this field.

Training and Development

We design, develop and delivery training and education programmes to multiple clients across Ireland and the EU in the field of sustainable energy.  Working with our Flexible Learning Office we can provide accredited (or non-accredited) programmes to relevant target groups and also utilise Blended and on-line learning techniques.

Network Management and Support

Our extensive networks across Europe with public and private sector stakeholders within the sustainable energy field places us in a unique position to manage and coordinate relevant networks and support specific actions.  From 2017 to 2020 LIT will coordinate and deliver the Consortium delivering the EU Managenergy Service for EASME.