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SPEEDIER - SME Programme for Energy Efficiency through Delivery and Implementation of EneRgy Audits

Duration: 30 months (June 2019 – December 2021)
LIT Project Budget: €258,800
Total Project Budget: €2,165,000



SPEEDIER is a highly innovative one-stop-shop solution that applies an integrated approach to energy management providing information, advice, capacity building, energy auditing, financing, implementation of energy efficiency solutions and monitoring of impacts.

This integrated approach is also advocated by the International Energy Agency in their 2015 report ‘Accelerating Energy Efficiency in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises’. 

A key innovation, upon which the SPEEDIER service is founded, is the self-financing mechanism. This novel funding mechanism works by implementing simple no-cost actions first (e.g. raising energy awareness of staff or switching to a cheaper energy supplier), ring fencing the savings from these actions and using them to pay for low, medium or high cost energy efficiency measures and the continued services of the SPEEDIER Expert.

The iterative cycle of implementing ECMs, determining the savings against an agreed baseline, ring fencing those savings and reinvesting them into additional measures is the core innovative principle of the SPEEDIER Service that can be applied to both SMEs and large enterprises.

The project team has 10 partner organisations with pilots taking place in Ireland, Romania, Spain and Italy.

Objectives and Aims of the Project
  • To facilitate the uptake of energy audits and implementation of the resulting energy conservation measures in SMEs in each of the 4 pilot regions by offering a programme of outsourced energy management.
  • To demonstrate the effectiveness of the self-financing mechanism as a means of driving investment in energy conservation measures among SMEs and large enterprises.
  • To enhance the energy culture of SMEs through a series of engagement awareness and capacity building activities leading to SMEs that are fully aware of the multiple benefits of energy auditing.
  • To demonstrate the SPEEDIER Service as an innovative & effective tool that can be used by member states to enhance the delivery of Article 8 of the EED in SMEs and large enterprises.
  • To increase the skills of the key market stakeholders that will enable the long-term delivery of the SPEEDIER service beyond the end of the project.
  • 110 companies participating
  • Total Energy savings - 655,000 MWh/year
  • Total CO2 savings – 1,265 Tonnes/year
Latest SPEEDIER news

Latest news on the SPEEDIER project from LIT can be seen below.

11 June, 2020:
SPEEDIER project offering free energy assessments to provide cost savings for Midwest businesses
28 February, 2020:
SMEs lack funds or knowledge to conserve energy, says international study (TechCentral)

Further Information

Project factsheet

Project website


Seamus Hoyne
Project Co-Ordinator

Padraic O' Reilly
Senior Project Officer

LIT Activities (Development Unit)

  • LIT leads Work Package 4 (WP4), Development of content for SPEEDIER training materials. The tasks within WP4 are:

- T4.1 – SPEEDIER service definition
- T4.2 – SPEEDIER Tool for experts
- T4.3 – Development of training contents for SMEs
- T4.4 – Development of training content for SPEEDIER Experts
- T4.5 – Finance and Implementation Models
- T4.6 – E-learning materials and method development

  • LIT leads the implementation of SPEEDIER service pilots within manufacturing SMEs in Ireland, delivered in two phases. LIT will deliver the service in the first pilot while being shadowed by potential SPEEDIER Experts who will deliver the second phase pilot.
  • Literary review, surveys and focus group meetings with SMEs and Energy Experts
  • Analysis of needs and opportunities for SMEs
  • Evaluation of SPEEDIER service pilots
  • Engagement and development of SPEEDIER Experts
  • Dissemination and communication of project activities
  • Project quality assurance activities
  • Project management activities

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