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Superhomes 2030

Superhomes 2030


Area: Energy 

Duration: 30 months (June 2020 – January 2023) 

LIT Project Budget: €249,125.00 

Total Budget: €1,000,000

Superhomes is a deep retrofit service for residential buildings in Ireland that has been developed in Ireland by the Tipperary Energy Agency and running since 2015.  The aim of Superhomes2030 is to dramatically scale the Superhomes offer in Ireland to move from a model which completes 100/€6m worth of retrofits per annum in 2019 to 500/€36m per annum by 2023, and 3,000/€150m per annum by 2030 (10% of National Target).  The expanded and improved Superhomes service would result in 48 GWh savings (between 2020 and 2023) compared to a Business as Usual scenario of 25GWh.  

Superhomes2030 will facilitate a Deep Retrofit Community of Practice (CoP) across Europe where leading experts, practitioners and agencies involved in Deep Retrofit will share experience, knowledge and competency thus driving the retrofit agenda.  Opportunities to expand the Superhomes model outside of Ireland will also be explored, using linkages created through the European Heat Pump Association and FEDARENE. 

Objectives and aims of the project:  

  • Develop a network of 80 High Performing Contractors across Ireland, supported by 3-4 Regional Superhomes One Stop Shops, to deliver high quality deep retrofits  
  • Develop the Superhomes approach as a trusted model in the Irish Deep Retrofit Market with 500 retrofit completions per annum 
  • Expand the Superhomes Solution Regionally to cover 60% of the population and Optimise Business Processes thereby improving efficiencies by 10-15%. 
  • To design and pilot an innovative deep retrofit finance solution which aligns with market demand and policy objectives and supports €10m of residential retrofit investments by 2023 
  • To ensure that Superhomes adopts and implements best practice solutions and technologies in line with new innovations in technology and processes 


Further Information

Project website

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Padraic O'Reilly
Research Fellow

Michael O'Shea
Senior Project Assistant

Stephen Murphy
Senior Project Assistant

LIT Activities

  • Research into current and future trends in the Irish and EU retrofit markets
  • Development of a Knowledge Hub
  • Assessment of new innovative technologies suitable for the retrofit market
  • Refinement of Superhomes operating standards
  • Preparation and Delivery of Training
  • Support business development planning