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Train to NZEB

Train to nZEB - Train to Nearly Zero Energy Buildings

Duration: 36 months (July 2015 – June 2018)
LIT Project Budget: €129,395
Total Project Budget: €1,426,000


Train to nZEB is a 36-month EU funded project under Horizon 2020 with the main aim to establish a functioning network of training and consultation centres (known as Building Knowledge Hubs, BKHs) in the construction sector.

This will provide theoretical and practical training and consulting services on the execution of nearly-zero energy building (NZEB) for professionals, construction workers and specialists according to the BUILD UP Skills national roadmaps. These BKHs are located in Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, Turkey and Ukraine and will offer trainings for highly-qualified building professionals, construction workers, non-specialists and policy makers. This combined with administrative and financial consultancy services, will result in increased capacity for implementation of NZEB in the involved countries.

LIT, Passive House Academy (PHA) in Ireland and Passive House Institute (PHI) in Germany are the peers for executing the training and advising on the development of the BKHs.

Objectives and Aims of the Project
  • Development of publicly available Terms of Reference for the setting up of the BKHs.
  • Adaptation of existing and development of new training programs for each cohort.
  • Building of internal capacity through train-the-trainer activities, targeting at least 90 qualified trainers.
  • The implementation of training courses in each of the countries according to the annual training plans.
  • Strict monitoring and evaluation for constant improvement of the offered services.
  • Setting up of a web-based networking platform providing facilities for knowledge sharing and exchange between the BKHs.
  • Conduction of a targeted dissemination and communication campaign to increase the market demand and awareness for NZEB. 

Further Information

Project Factsheet

Project website


Lis O’ Brien
Project Officer

Seamus Hoyne
Development Unit Manager

LIT Activities (Development Unit)

  • To design a business plan template for each BKH consortium and review each of the business plans annually.
  • Preparation of a procurement document and Memorandum of Understanding template to support and to assist with the procedures and decision making for the setting up of the BKHs.
  • Prepare a report on the progress of the BKHs and present to the EU.
  • Act as peers, along with PHI and PHA by providing advice and evaluation on the training programmes, whilst being responsible for overseeing the development of annual training plans.
  • Develop a mobile application with PHA to further the training content for the courses.
  • Assist with communication and dissemination of the Train to nZEB project and promote nZEB in general.