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Dermot Carroll

Project Co-Ordinator

Dermot worked for many years in California before returning to Ireland in 2005, where he studied for a certificate in organic horticulture at the An tIonad Glas in Drumcollogher.

With a strong interest in social and environmental issues, he went on to study for an Hons Degree in Sustainable Rural Development at LIT, completing it in 2011. Since then, he has occupied various roles as a researcher and consultant in the areas of community development and community planning, working for organisations such as the Eden Project in the UK and Ballyhoura Development in Ireland.

Between 2014 and 2016, he worked as full time project assistant for the LIT Development Unit but left to establish a social farm and cut flower business with his wife in his home village of Elton, Co. Limerick.

Dermot has now returned to the Development Unit as the part-time co-ordinator of the Erasmus+ FARCura project, which aims to develop a training course in social farming.

Areas of expertise

  • Community planning
  • Sustainable development
  • Social farming
  • Organic horticulture

Key ongoing projects


Contact details

Facebook: Dermot Carroll