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Dr Darren Barry

Senior Project Officer

Dr Darren Barry graduated from Mary Immaculate College's Department of Geography Ph.D. program where he completed his thesis, entitled “A Palaeoecological Analysis of Late Quaternary Sapropels from the Mediterranean Ridge”. This focused on an environmental and ecological reconstruction during defined timeframes in the history of the Mediterranean Sea. 

Dr Barry taught for a number of years as a member of the Department of Geography in Mary Immaculate College where he assisted and lectured on multiple modules including the dynamic earth, evolution of the British and Irish landscapes, reconstructing past environments, biogeography and marine geography.

In 2019, Darren assisted Tipperary County Council complete their Climate Adaptation Strategy (2019-2024) which ensures climate adaptation considerations are mainstreamed into all plans and policies and integrated into all operations and functions of Tipperary County Council.

At present, Darren is working on an Interreg Atlantic Area funded project entitled Triple C which focuses on the risks associated with climate change.

Areas of expertise

  • Climate variability
  • Climate adaptation
  • Environmental geography
  • Marine micropalaeontology
  • Palaeoecology & oceanography

Key ongoing projects

Triple C

Contact details

Phone: (+353) 504 28009
Twitter: @darbarry
LinkedIn: Darren Barry