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Dr Marie Taylor

Senior Project Officer

Dr Taylor currently work as a Senior Project Assistant in the Development Unit across a number of projects.  Her focus is on social enterprise and rural development.  Marie is also a lecturer in tour guiding and Irish heritage with the Flexible Learning Unit in LIT.

Dr Taylor obtained a PhD with Limerick Institute of Technology that evaluated the relationship between heritage tourism and community development and was a recipient of an LIT bursary from the graduate office. 

Dr Taylor has also been awarded a Research Masters in Historical Geography with Mary Immaculate College and was awarded a Master’s Fellowship with the ‘National Institute for Regional and Spatial Analysis’. 

In addition, Dr Taylor has a Postgraduate Diploma in Education from University College Cork. She has taught at second level and at third level in the University of Limerick and Mary Immaculate College in Geography Pedagogy for Primary and Second Level, and in Human Geography.

Areas of expertise

  • Social enterprise
  • Rural development
  • Community development
  • Youth engagement
  • Tourism and Irish heritage

Key ongoing projects


Publications / research

  • Taylor, M. and Bradley-Davies, H. (2018) Primary Valuation, in Clarke, H.B. and Gearty, S. (eds.) More Maps and Texts.  Sources and the Historic Town Atlas, Dublin: Royal Irish Academy
  • Taylor, M. and Murphy, C. (2017) Communities-Doing It For Themselves?, 13th Annual Tourism and Hospitality Research in Ireland Conference, Sligo Institute of Technology, Sligo
  • Taylor, M. and Murphy, C. (2017) An Analysis of Community Based Heritage Tourism: A Resource for a Small Community in Rural County Clare, Ireland, WASET, Boston
  • Bradley Davies, H. and M. Taylor, (2014) “’I am rich in all that I have lost' The Mount Saint Laurence Cemetery Project Limerick”, in Geographical Society of Ireland, ed. Conference of Irish Geographers, University College Dublin
  • Bradley, H. and M. Taylor, (2009) “Feudalism and Feudal Society”, International Encyclopaedia of Human Geography, p.98-105

Contact details

Phone: (+353) 504 28476
Twitter: @MarieT2014
LinkedIn: Marie Taylor