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Gloria Callinan

Project Support Officer


Gloria is based in the Thurles campus, working as project support officer with the Development Unit.

A native of the Burren in Co Clare, Gloria has a proven track record and background in rural development, having received an MA from University of Galway in Community Development (2001) and a BA from University of Cork in Social Science (1999).

Gloria brings a wealth of experience from 20 years working on the EU LEADER programme but also on wider rural development, sustainable development and community and enterprise engagement.


Gloria has worked for 20 years in the community and voluntary sector co-ordinating the EU LEADER Rural Development Programme in Clare. She has worked extensively with enterprises, community groups, farmers, farm families, individuals, networks and social enterprises. Coordinating programmes of significant public funding investment and multiple project types is a particular skill which Gloria has honed, covering themes such as economic development including tourism destinations and market towns, community and youth development and environmental development including renewables and biodiversity. Sourcing co-financing for projects through other public and private sources including philanthropy was a regular aspect of the role. Projects which Gloria worked on directly include training programmes, feasibility studies, network establishment and development, community planning, business planning along with capital projects.

In addition to her LEADER role, Gloria worked on the Clare Wood Energy Project from 2004 – 2007. The project aimed to create a market for farm forestry first thinning, in association with Teagasc and funded through the Forest Service. As a direct consequence of the project, a number of large biomass boilers were installed in Clare, which created the intended local market. Without a local market, the thinning of privately owned, usually small scale forestry plantations was neither financially viable nor environmentally sustainable. The Clare Timber Producers Group continues to operate in Clare as a sustainable legacy of that project. Gloria is an advocate for community led local development (CLLD) and believes strongly in supporting actors in the local economy to add value and to create a sustainable local eco system.

Whilst working for Clare Local Development Company, Gloria also performed the role of Sustainable Energy Communities (SEC) mentor for Co Clare (2020-2021), working as part of a team of mentors in the mid-west, growing the number of communities registered with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) on the programme and supporting communities on a journey of mobilisation and awareness to energy master planning and potentially renewable energy generation.

Gloria is currently working on BIMzeED, BusLeague, GUPP, Construction Blueprint and BusGoCircular.

Areas of expertise:

  • Community engagement
  • Funding applications
  • Sustainable development
  • Networks

Contact details:


LinkedIn:  Gloria Callinan | LinkedIn

Phone: 087 96 87 937