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REBOUND - Fostering Resilience in Rural Communities



This inter-territorial project, which is supported by the EU through ERASMUS+, pursues an action-research approach to promoting rural community resilience. Partners from Ireland, Portugal, Slovenia and the EUwide AEIDL Association are pooling their expertise and engaging a diverse range of stakeholders in examining this topic. They are compiling an evidence-base that will guide the development of a Level 6 training and capacity -building programme.


Aims & Objectives

The aim of the project is to devise a practitioner-oriented, workable, robust, reliable and solution-focused capacity building training programme that will capture the merits of resilient communities and enable stakeholders, in a vocational learning environment, to assess, promote, review, tweak and evaluate approaches to resilience promotion across a range of rural area types in Europe.



  • To collate best practice experiences and in respect of place-based resilience-building; 
  • To devise a resilience measuring, signposting and strategic planning tool that practitioners can utilise in a diverse range of geographical settings 
  • To engage with practitioners in collaboratively co-designing an innovative training and capacity-building training programme that effectively enables them to promote resilience in tandem with place-making 
  • To refine a digital assessment and learning repository with a series of dimensions and indicators; and ·
  • To engage with multiple actors in transferring project learnings into practice. 


Project Outputs

Output 1: Partners will analyse the needs of rural communities across Europe to determine what is required to improve their resilience.

Output 2: Based on the analysis partners will develop a training programme that captures the merits of resilient communities and empowers stakeholders.

Output 3: The developed training programme will be tested and refined in a pilot, leading tothe delivery of a usable training programme for improving rural resilience.


Shane O'Sullivan



Additional Information

Project website





  • Technological University of the Shannon, Midlands and Midwest (Ireland)
  • Univerza V Ljubljani (Slovenia)
  • ADRIMAG - Associação de Desenvolvimento Rural e Integrado das Serras de Montemuro, Arada e Gralheira (Portugal)
  • Razvojna Agencija Kozjansko (Slovenia)
  • O’Keeffe Social Research CLG (Ireland)
  • AEIDL (EU-wide)