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The Centre for Energy Efficiency and Deep Decarbonisation [CEEDD] is based in the Limerick Institute of Technology campuses in Limerick and Thurles. The Centre brings together expertise from 16 Academic Researchers with a sterling track record in energy projects in housing, communities and industry. The Centre is deeply involved in public engagement, education, training and skills development through innovative programmes from Level 6 to 9 on the NQF. Notable successes include the training of over 200 staff in local and regional energy agencies across the EU, the training of 300 construction workers on near Zero Energy Building and the development of training courses /apprenticeships addressing industry needs.  

In Research & Development, the Centre is a leading Partner in a range of European and National Projects (Superhomes 2.0, ManagEnergy, SERVE, TEMPO, MD4PROD) and has extensive collaboration with Research Centres across Europe and beyond. With projects valued in excess of €19 million successfully delivered, the research staff have an excellent reputation and extensive list of publications and academic postgraduates.

The key research topics include:

  • Pathways for Deep Decarbonisation
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Energy Efficiency Strategies, Validation & Financing
  • Renewable Energy Sources, Generation & Storage
  • Energy Monitoring, Embedded Systems (IoT) and Data Analytics
  • Behavioural Change and Climate Action