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Genders and Sexualities Research

Key Research Areas

Research is in three broad areas:

  • Gender and sexual identities
  • Gender work and oganisation
  • Domestic abuse and coercive control. 

However, from time-to-time issues more broadly relating to social inclusion, mental health, psychological experiences and intersectionality become the focus of our investigations. We have a strong focus on collaborative and interdisciplinary work as well as work with service providers. 

Research Mission

The aim of the Genders and Sexualities Research Group is to support and encourage social sciences research in areas that promote diversity and inclusion as they relate to genders and sexual orientations.

Overview of Research Activity

The Genders and Sexualities Research Group is has a current Memorandum of understanding with Haven Horizons, a charity that promotes education and research aimed at ending relationship abuse.  We were recently awarded a New Foundations grant aid for our project Enhancing Engaged Research Partnerships and Research Translation in the field of Gender-Based Abuse.  The grant to develop a web resource that connects academic and community researchers working in the area of domestic abuse and coercive control.  The platform will provide networking opportunities for national and international researchers seeking to develop partnerships for future gender-based abuse collaborative proposals and research projects.  In December it will host a webinar for researchers examining this topic.  Future funding applications in this area aim to develop a Research Translation Centre (RTC) to explore how we can progress integration of research and practice and ensure that research meets stakeholder needs and is translated into practice via collaborations supported by these organisations.

GSRG also has a number of current postgraduate researchers associated with it.  Some are supervised entirely within the group and some are co supervised with other academics in other research settings. 

Current postgraduate research projects:
  • Drew Murphy – Masculinities among young gay men in Ireland
  • Madeline McAleer – Adherence to domestic abuse myths
  • Dejan Postic – Masculinities and homeless men
  • Lavinia Ryan Duggan – Women in senior management and coaching
  • Shelley Ann McCarthy – Role self-stereotyping among women in STEM
  • Lynn Mather - Imagination Therapeutic education art and creative healing
  • Sufino Zuhaily bin Mohd Sufian - Aligning personal values in the workplace: A mixed methods case study.
Genders and Sexualities Research Group Researcher Supervisors and Co Supervisors

Dr Lisa O’Rourke Scott – Principal InvestigatorPrincipal Investigator, Genders and Sexualities Research Group (GSRG) LIT

Karen Sugure – Sociologist and psychotherapist, Genders and Sexualities Research Group (GSRG) LIT

Dr Derek McInerney – Researcher, Faculty of Business and Humanities

Dr Malachy Ronan – Researcher, School of Art and Design

Dr Martina Cleary – Researcher, School of Art and Design

Dr Jason Palframan – Athlone Institute of Technology

Recent Publications in Peer-Reviewed Journals  

O’Rourke Scott, L (forthcoming) Transformation in the neoliberal academy in Ireland: Athena SWAN, feminist activism and social class, Gender Work and Organisations

Houghton, F. & O’Rourke-Scott, L (2019) Linguistic Imperialism, Toponymy, Semiotics & Taxonomies: the Anglicisation of Irish place names in hegemonic library cataloguing systems, Journal of Radical Librarianship.

Houghton, F., ORourke Scott, L, Houghton, S., O’Doherty., D., McInerney, D & Duncan, B (2018) Room 101: Are Gender Specific Cigarette Packets the Way Forward? Irish Journal of Medical Science.

Commissioned work

RTE Brainstorm (October 2018) – Why do we Lie, By Lisa ORourke Scott. Available at

O’Rourke Scott, L (2018) Voice of the Child, Report on women exiting domestic violence experiences of custody and access in the court system, ASCEND Domestic Abuse Prevention Service.