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Research & Innovation

Our Vision for Research

At the heart of LIT’s research, enterprise and development strategy is the ambition to be a strategic knowledge generator and technology transfer partner of choice for companies and organisations facing the challenges of achieving sustainable competitive advantage in their marketplace.

We will be increasingly recognized as a leader for educating high‐achieving, motivated postgraduate research students who seek an individualized and transformative experience at an institution that generates and transfers knowledge through high‐quality research partnerships, scholarships, business engagement and creative activities. We will serve the region, the state, and the EU community through our commitment to research enterprise and innovation, meaningful civic engagement, cultural enrichment, responsible stewardship and the development of global thought leaders.

Our Research Mission

The Research, Enterprise and Development community at LIT is a diverse community of scholars and administrators with a commitment to fostering a small‐college atmosphere with large‐university opportunities. We promote the highest academic standards in our research scholarship, enterprise support, public service, and the connections we build among them. We devote all of our resources and energies to creating the most supportive and productive community possible to serve the educational needs of research postgraduates, research partners, enterprises and citizens of Limerick and the Mid‐West.

Research Objectives

  1. Strengthen and grow our Research, Enterprise and Development Centres and Groups;
  2. Support businesses and organisations to achieve their strategy;
  3. Provide Individualised attention for shared aspirations of Limerick and the Mid‐West Region.

Core Value

The following is core to the research culture of LIT and guides our work, our actions, and how we will fulfil our mission and deliver our objectives, goals and strategy.

Pursuit of learning and scholarship

LIT works with postgraduate research students as partners in their educational development inside and outside of the Institution so that students come to appreciate learning as an active and lifelong process. We will continue to provide learning and scholarship opportunity at Level 9 Research Masters and Level 10 PhD. LIT has contributed successfully to new knowledge through research, scholarship, and creative activities in which all students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to participate. We will continue to focus our efforts on systemising our research successes through centres and groups enabling them build the scale and capacity to compete meaningfully not only in Ireland but Europe and with existing Universities for research funding. ​

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