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Head of Research and Technology Transfer

The Head of Research and Technology, Dr. Patrick Murray, is responsible for the coordination of research activity across the Institute and works closely with the Research and Development Centres and Groups, as well as individual researchers, postgraduate supervisors, and principal investigators, to identify knowledge and technology transfer opportunities, funding opportunities, and opportunities for research collaboration at regional, national and international levels.

The Head of Research and Technology is responsible for establishing and implementing a research vision that foregrounds the applied research mission of the Institute, its links to enterprises, and the contribution of LIT to innovation, knowledge transfer and the overall development of the region. The Head of Research also develops LIT’s distinctive research mission marked by a close connection to industry, business, enterprise and the community in association with other research units within and outside Ireland. A particular emphasis is placed on product development and knowledge transfer, in line with the national Innovation 2020 strategy, and on the management of the research activity and the progression of postgraduate research students.

Systems and infrastructure are developed to support the attainment and maintenance of excellence in Research, Technological Development and Innovation (RTDI) in partnership with its partners in The Shannon Consortium. LITs Head of Research engages in a collaborative way with the Heads of Research of the other Institutes within the Shannon Consortium and facilitates the development of emerging collaborative systems and structures under agreed Compacts with the Higher Education Authority.

The Head of Research is also responsible for the overall management of the postgraduate research activities of the Institute including the recruitment of researchers and their academic progression. In this context significant contribution is made to the work of the Research Ethics Committee, the Research and Development Sub-Committee of Academic Council, and the various Committees and Working Groups of that Sub-Committee including the:

Postgraduate Matters Committee

R&D Steering Group

Large Grant Applications Working Group