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ACADEmy Within the LSAD Centre for Postgraduates

The LSAD Centre for Postgraduate Studies is an entity that exists within LSAD which monitors, supports and facilitates the development of all taught and research degree programmes up to Level 10. The Head of Department of Fine Art has responsibility for all postgraduate programmes and research across a broad swathe of areas in fine art, design, curatorial and education.

The LSAD Centre for Postgraduate Studies has naturally evolved based on the growing student demand for postgraduate programmes. Since 2009, the number of postgraduate students on taught and research programmes at LSAD has jumped from thirty-five to over eighty, and the number of taught postgraduate programmes has gone from one to four.

The Centre works with the Registrar’s Office and the LIT Graduate Research Office to ensure quality assurance within the specialist discipline areas of Art and Design. It physically spans both the Clare Street Campus and the Georges’ Quay campus. As well as the dedicated LIT centre of research in art and design – ACADEmy - it offers both taught and research-led postgraduate paths (the Professional Masters in Education in  Art and Design Education with Digital Media, the Masters in Education in Art and Design Education, the MA in Social Practice and the Creative Environment, the MA in Interdisciplinary Design Practice and the MA and PhD paths by Research in Art and Design). 

The LSAD Centre for Postgraduate Studies aims to support and develop postgraduate programmes at the Limerick School of Art and Design. It does so by ensuring quality of education provided up to Level 10, providing an excellent postgraduate environment, and encouraging postgraduate students and staff to disseminate their research at national and international level.