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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

A message from the President

LIT is committed to promoting and enhancing a culture where diversity is celebrated, and everyone is treated fairly regardless of gender, age, race, disability, ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, civil status, family status, or membership of the travelling community.  We value equality of opportunity and positive outcomes for all our students and staff so that each individual can learn or work to their full potential.  LIT has a genuine commitment to promote and maintain an inclusive environment where there is mutual respect and dignity, free from harassment and bullying.   The Equality & Diversity Steering Committee, of which I am chair, is charged with the promotion, communication, and mainstreaming of equality, diversity and inclusion throughout LIT. But Equality and Diversity at LIT concerns all us and is the responsibility of all members of our community to create a safe and welcoming environment where everyone can contribute and differences valued.  

Professor Vincent Cunnane
President, LIT

Statement on Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

‘LIT and the LIT Community is committed to equality and diversity amongst our staff, students and stakeholders.

LIT promotes fairness, equal opportunity, respect and positive outcomes for all our students and staff.

LIT strives for an organisational culture that embraces diversity in our student population and workforce’.‚Äč

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