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Steering Group

Equality & Diversity Steering Group

LIT has established an Equality & Diversity Steering Group. The role of this Committee is to oversee and provide guidance and direction for the achievement of equality, diversity and inclusion objectives across the Institute.

Membership is as follows:

Name Role in LIT
Prof. Vincent Cunnane President - Chair
Ms. Marian Duggan Dean, Flexible Learning & VP Equality & Diversity
Mr. Terry Twomey Vice President for Academic Affairs & Registrar
Dr. Liam Brown Vice President for Research, Development & Innovation
Ms. Linda Barry Academic Administrator & Student Affairs Manager
Dr. Patrick Murray Head of Research & Technology Transfer
Ms. Anne Twomey Human Resources Manager
Dr. Janice O'Connell HOD from Faculty of ASET
Dr. Carole Glynn HOD from Faculty of Business & Humanities
Dr. Tracey Fahey HOD from LSAD
Student Representative Student Union President


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