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No Above 25k

No Above 25K over the full term of the contract

If the value of your requirement is above €25,000 (ex VAT) then your requirement must be tendered for (except on rare occassions when there is only one supplier that can meet your requirement).

  • Yes, there is only one supplier available

    If you have only one supplier available you must enter into a Sole Supplier process.

    Sole Supplier Definition

    From time to time, there may be a requirement that the supply of a particular item or service must be purchased from a particular supplier, usually to ensure compatibility with existing goods or servicing arrangements. In such rare and exceptional circumstances, the Sole Source process may be used. This allows for a purchase to be made without running an open competitive quotation or tender process, and therefore must be justified. Justification must be based on a technical/risk assessment of not awarding the contract to the existing provider. A Sole Supplier justification form must be completed and signed in this regard by the budget holder and sent to the procurement office. Where it is necessary to deal with a sole supplier, arrangements which provide best value for money should be negotiated. It should be noted that open-ended arrangements with exclusive distributors should be avoided where possible.

    Sole Supplier Process

    1. The requestor must complete a Sole Source Form, providing full details of what he/she is proposing to purchase and indicating the reasons to justify why a competitive procurement process is not being followed.
    2. The cost centre reference must be included on the form.   A screenshot of the budget from Agresso must accompany the form.
    3. The requestor must support their claim by providing proof of market research (e.g. internet search) and obtaining independent documentary evidence to confirm sole source e.g. statement from the manufacturer confirming that the item is sole source and not manufactured by any other supplier worldwide.
    4. If the requirement is recurring, approval may be sought for up to a max of 3 years.   Budget Holders must ensure approval is renewed as required.
    5. Systems maintenance and support (software or hardware) may fall under this category where it is required to be purchased from the original vendor for technical reasons.    These should initially be considered as a multi-year application up to a max of 3 years.    After this time, the Budget Holder must run an EOI (Expression of Interest) process on the eTenders system.
    6. The requestor must seek appropriate approval depending on the value of spend.   For all values above €25,000 (ex VAT) a relevant Budget Holder must sign the Sole Source Form.  The requestor then submits the form and supporting documentation to the Procurement Office.    
    7. The application is reviewed by the Procurement Office. A contract reference number is assigned to the application.   
    8. If deemed necessary, the Procurement & Contracts Office may publish an Expression of Interest for approximately 2 weeks on to ascertain the marketplace for the required goods/service.       
    9. If the application and Expression of Interest exercise has deemed to have sufficiently demonstrated that sole source is applicable, the Head of Procurement & Contracts approves the application.  
    10. A signed copy of the approved form is returned by email to the requestor to be retained on file for audit purposes.  
    11. The Budget Holder must ensure that he/she complies with LIT Procurement & Tendering Guidelines in completing the purchase from the single supplier.
    12. If the application/expression of interest has determined that there is more than one provider of the goods/service, then the application for Sole Source is rejected, the reasons of the rejection will be included on the form together with other actions required (if relevant) and returned to the requestor. 
    13. If more than one response has been received to an expression of interest, the Procurement Office will follow up with the budget holder within 2 weeks to ascertain next steps.  
  • No, there are several suppliers available

    You should complete a Tender Approval Form and submit to the Procurement Office.