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Academic Calendar 2019-2020

Academic Calendar 2019-2020

December 2019

December 16th Christmas Break
December 23rd Christmas Break
December 30th Christmas Break

January 2020

January 6th Opening of Semester 2
January 6th Staff Development (Morning)
January 6th Apprenticeships Start (Term 2)
January 6th Exams Processing Week
January 13th Exam Boards
Teaching Week 15 (1)
January 20th Exam Boards
Teaching Week 16 (2)
January 27th Teaching Week 17 (3)

February 2020

February 3rd Teaching Week 18 (4)
February 10th Teaching Week 19 (5)
February 14th Inaugural Meeting of Academic Council
February 17th Teaching Week 20 (6) / Reading Week
February 20th Staff Development (Morning)
February 24th Teaching Week 21 (7)

March 2020

March 2nd Teaching Week 22 (8)
March 6th Academic Council
March 9th Teaching Week 23 (9)
March 16th Teaching Week 24 (10)
March 17th Bank Holiday
March 23rd Teaching Week 25 (11)
March 30th Teaching Week 26 (12)

April 2020

April 6th Apprenticeships Start (Terms 3)
April 6th Easter Break
April 13th Easter Break
April 20th Teaching Week 27 (13)
April 27th Teaching Week 28 (14) / Revision Week
April 30th Academic Council

May 2020

May 1st Summer Exams Commence
May 4th Bank Holiday
May 4th Assessment Week 1
May 11th Assessment Week 2
May 18th Exams Processing Week
May 25th Exams Processing Week
May 25th Exam Boards

June 2020

June 1st Bank Holiday
June 1st Exams Processing Week
June 1st Exam Boards
June 8th Reviews Week
June 19th Academic Council


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