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Laura Moore

Laura Moore

My name is Laura Moore and I'm a Software Engineer at ACI Worldwide in Limerick. I graduated from LIT in 2017 with an honours degree in Internet Systems Development.

At ACI we deliver electronic banking and payment solutions for financial institutions worldwide.

As a Software Engineer I work on designing, implementation, coding, testing and setting up environments for software.

My favorite thing about working at ACI is probably the work culture. There's a great collaborative atmosphere because different project teams are always in constant communication with each other.

The Internet Systems Development course covers a wide range of areas from Java to scripting languages to web design. My role in ACI is very much based around what I learned while studying in LIT.

My favorite aspect of LIT life was the friendships that I made. I got to meet some wonderful people throughout my four years who I am still friends with to this day.

LIT gave me the opportunity to pursue a career that I was really interested in.

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