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Aoife McNamara

Aoife McNamara

My name is Aoife McNamara and I studied Fashion Design at the Limerick School of Art and Design.

My CAO choice was not a difficult one because I always knew I wanted to study and work in fashion, and when I heard about this course in LSAD I knew straight away that was where I wanted to go.

I had heard about the reputation of LSAD and when I was in fourth year in secondary school I came to a fashion show here and it was insane just to see all the amazing clothes. The fact that they were made by the students themselves was mind blowing. From then on I knew LSAD was where I wanted to go and I started working on my portfolio in fourth year. Once I got the points I needed from my leaving cert I knew I had it.

What I have loved most about my course was getting the opportunity to go to New York and interning for the summer and the fact that everything was so hands-on and you are always working on something.

I would not have chosen any other course, I absolutely love it here.