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Saoirse Ryan

Saoirse Ryan

My name is Saoirse Ryan and I am in my first year studying Drug and Medicinal Product Analysis.

My CAO choice was not easily made. The problem was that I had an interest in everything so picking one subject to study was really difficult for me. At first I wanted a job that would allow me to be out in the open so I researched some courses that would allow me to do that. Then I considered studying courses that allowed me to express myself such as acting in Dublin as well as French in Limerick. In the end I did a personality test which showed that I am quite an analytical person and was advised to study one of my strongest subjects which is Science.

LIT is a really attractive option because it is a small technical institute that has many links to international companies situated in Limerick and throughout the Mid-West. I am grateful I chose to study Science in LIT now as I get to study a subject that encourages innovation and allows it’s students to spend a lot of time working practically in the labs. This course was my first choice in the CAO and I am really glad I got it because it suits me so well.


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