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Vivienne Pratt

I work in BD Bio Sciences Ireland as a Manufacturing Engineer. BD Bio Sciences get involved in a project from an early stage feeding into the design for a manufacturer.

I come from a family of all girls and was the one who followed my Dad around fixing things and wanting to know what he was up to. When I left school I trained as an Aircraft Mechanic. LIT recognised the prior learning we had done so I went straight into the second year of a mechanical engineering degree. I decided to come back and do the level 8 because it brought back together everything that I had already done in the practical aspect.

There’s a lot of things that I really like about LIT. A lot of the lecturers had worked in industry and there was a lot of practical experience. I enjoy teamwork and it’s a really important part of how we work here.

Finding work in Limerick was easy. I graduated in 2015. We completed our exams in June and I began working in BD in September. I feel LIT prepared me well for the mix of theory and practical elements in the work place.


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