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How to Apply

Source your Placement

The first step in applying for your funding is sourcing your work placement. It is the student's responsibility to source their own work placement.

The Office of International Services does not have any connections to work placement opportunities.

Use your connections when searching: your LIT lecturers, other LIT students, your family and your friends are great places to start your search!

There are guides available through the LIT Careers Office to also assist in your preparation for work placement. See their webpage here for more information.

Are you eligible?

If your work placement meets the following criteria, you may be eligible for Erasmus funding:

  • Your placement takes place abroad (outside of Ireland) in the EU
  • Your placement is approved as relevant to your LIT programme by your course leader
  • Your placement lasts a minimum of 60 consecutive days
  • Your placement doesn't overlap with your class time

Final assessment will be carried out by the Erasmus Office to confirm with certainty.

Contact the Erasmus Office

If your work placement ticks the above boxes for Erasmus funding, you can then contact the Erasmus Office at


All students partaking in Erasmus must ensure they have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and insurance. For students on work placement, they must insure that their insurance covers them within the workplace.

To apply for a free EHIC from the Health Service Executive, please see here. Be wary of scam websites, and please ensure you only apply through the HSE for your EHIC. Both Irish citizens and EU citizens living in Ireland can apply through the HSE website above for an EHIC.

For non-EU students who are not eligible to receive an EHIC, you must ensure that your private insurance covers you for studying/working in your chosen destination.

Submit forms

We aim to make the process of submitting documentation as simple as possible.

To apply, contact at least one month before your work placement begins to fill out our online application form.

After you apply to for funding towards your work placement, the Erasmus Office will send you a few short documents to complete, as well as guidance on how to complete these documents.

It is not possible to receive funding for a work placement after it has been completed, under any circumstances.


Please see the FAQ for Work Placement Funding here.

Should your question not be answered above, you can contact the Erasmus office at any time by emailing


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