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Placement Forms & Information

Placement Forms & Information

Internal Application Form for Placement

Before you worry about any of the below, you need to apply to the LIT International Office to see if you can receive funding for your placement. This can be done up to a month before you begin your placement in Europe. In emergency instances, you can apply closer to your start date, but please contact to confirm this.

Certificate of Attendance

To be signed by your supervisor/International officer upon your arrival. This will need to be received by the LIT Erasmus Office before your payment can be processed.

Certificate of Completion

To be signed by your supervisor/International officer on your last day. This will need to be received by the LIT Erasmus Office before your remaining payment can be processed.

Learning Agreement & Grant Agreement
  • We would advise all students to complete both of these forms on a computer using Word. This will ensure the application process run a lot smoother.
  • When sending back your forms, each one will need to be sent as COMPLETE DOCUMENTS – preferably PDF files. You can email all files to
  • All areas that need to be completed can be seen highlighted in red in the accompanying walkthrough. Please ensure all highlighted areas are complete before sending – including signatures!
  • We would expect the Learning Agreement to be submitted before you leave for your time abroad. This will mean emailing your LA to your Supervisor (Placement) or International Officer (Study) to be signed. It also will need to be signed by your course leader. Please ensure you have also signed the document before sending it to
  • The Grant Agreement is an agreement between you and the LIT International Office. It is the document used to calculate your funding. When returned to us, it must be signed off by just you. Once we receive it, we will have it signed by The Director of International Affairs.
Official Erasmus+ Forms
  1. Learning Agreement for Traineeships
  2. Grant Agreement for Traineeship & Study
  3. Certificate of Attendance for Placement
  4. Certificate of Completion for Placement
How To's & Walkthroughs
  1. Learning Agreement Guidelines - Traineeships
  2. Grant Agreement Walkthrough