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How to Apply

1) Liaise with Course Leader
If you have decided to partake in the Erasmus study programme the first step should be a discussion with your course leader. You will need to inform them of your decision.

2) Research Course Options
You must then research your options. You may choose to study at one of our partner colleges or you may have found a course in a college that we do not yet have an agreement with. In this case we would reach out to the college in the hopes of creating an agreement with them.

*Please note that not all colleges are open to accepting new partnerships so this is not always possible

3) Make your choice
If you choose a college without a current agreement in place you will need to research the modules offered on this course and run them by your course leader as they will need to sign off on the modules you will be taking while abroad. You will also need to ensure that the course in question is taught through English.


4) Applying for Erasmus
Once you have decided where you would like to study you must make your application. You can find the application form here.
Once completed you can email the form to

Please note the deadlines for outgoing Erasmus applications!


5) Nomination
Your nomination will then be sent to your chosen college. After this point the majority of your dealings will be with your receiving college (e.g. registration, accommodation, timetabling etc.)

6) Insurance
All students partaking in Erasmus must ensure they have an E111 card and valid travel insurance see here.

You can contact the Erasmus office at any time by emailing


Please be aware that video and photography content on this website was produced prior to COVID-19