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Important Dates for Outgoing Students

Important Dates for Outgoing Students

Closing Date For 1st Semester or Full Year Application: April 1st

*if applying for a college that we do not have an agreement with then please ensure you have asked as early as possible as these things can sometimes take quite a bit of time to put in place.

Closing Date For 2nd Semester Application: October 1st

Important Notes for students of LSAD & other Arts programmes

For students studying an Arts programme, please bear in mind that you may be required to submit a portfolio as part of your application. As this tends to be the case, we encourage students studying Arts courses to apply as soon as they can.

Important Notes for students that may require a visa

For students that require a visa to study in the EU, we encourage you to apply well in advance of the above deadlines. Please make sure to advise our office if you require a visa, so that we may try our best to advise you on the visa process.