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Student Grant - SUSI

Student Grant Applications

All Undergraduate and Taught Postgraduate students are required to go online to register their attendance on their programme with LIT. During this online process you will be asked whether you have applied for a SUSI grant or not and prompted to input your SUSI application number.   

At the end of the online registration process, students awaiting a SUSI grant should click on the “Pay Later” option. This will give the student a status of “Temporary Registered”. Please note, that a student will not be fully registered until their fees are paid in full.

Students have until the 31 October 2020 to get a decision on their grant. If they have not been awarded a grant by this date, to avoid late payment fee charges, they will be required to either pay 50% of their fees or set up an agreed, signed instalment plan with the Grants & Fees Office.  Any surplus fees paid by the student will be refunded to them once their SUSI grant has been awarded.

Once the student has been awarded their grant by SUSI, a file will be emailed to the Grants Officer in LIT to be verified, this file is then returned to SUSI.  

IMPORTANT: Please note, LIT cannot verify, that you are a student of the Institute unless you are temporary/fully registered on the student records system. Therefore, it is very important to go online to register for your programme with LIT.

For more information on SUSI Grants, please click here.

IMPORTANT: Please note that under the Data Protection Acts, LIT has no dealings or correspondence with SUSI in relation to individual applications, renewals or appeals. SUSI only informs the Institute if a student has been awarded a grant, and the amount of the grant awarded. The onus is on the student to ensure that their SUSI grant has been awarded to LIT on their behalf before the 31 October 2020.

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