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Robert Scott

Robert Scott – Scott Technical Services/RECI Inspector

Case Study Title: I.S.10101 A Look At The Past, A Step Into The Future

The project looks at the history and evolution of standards in Ireland from the formation of the ETCI to issuing of NSAI’s new Standard IS10101. The project looked at statistics and case studies demonstrating shedding light on the reasons which effect the change in standards. The project also sheds light on the movement towards technology based solutions in rules such as the recommendation of AFDD’s in dwellings and how energy efficient selection is important as we step in to the future.

During the six months I have spent working on my FYP, I have improved my technical research and documentation skills and developed my PLC programming and control design competencies. This will enable my company to produce a wider range of control solutions for customised applications to our clients into the future.

The analysis of risks, the understanding of the new rules gained through the project can only benefit me in my role as an electrical inspector.

"After searching for years for an electrical engineering degree relative to industry it was finally found in the Level 7 programme. The programme is wide ranging covering Soft Skills, Electrical Theory, Mathamatics, Design, PLC’s & SCADA in a pratical and usable manner."