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Tom Manahan

Tom Manahan, AMHS Equipment Maintenance Technician, Analog Devices

Case Study Title: 62LRTSTK TPM Project

62LRTSTK is a stocker for storing photolithography reticles for use in the manufacturing process. This stocker is a critical tool and the availability of the stocker is vital to production. In recent years the availability was impacted due to increasing maintenance issues. Because of the importance of the stocker, it was highlighted for a Toatal Productive Maintenance (TPM) project. The goal of the project was to improve the system through various upgrades/repairs and changes to the overall maintenance practices such as focusing more on preventative maintenance.

There are many challenges faced over the course of any project and the experience of dealing with and overcoming these during my FYP will benefit my company in future projects that I will manage or be involved in. Also being involved in the installation of new system components will help in the future maintenance of these parts as I have a better understanding of how these parts are integrated into the system and how they should function.

"I would recommend this apprenticeship programme for anyone working as an electrician or has an electrical background who is thinking of upskilling.  As someone with no electrical background I found some of the modules difficult. I had to work very hard to achieve the grades I wanted in those modules. Not having the basic electrical knowledge that the electricians on the course had, was challenging but I was lucky that they were always willing to help whenever I asked."