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Craft Electrical Apprenticeship     Generation Apprenticeship     Education & Training Boards Ireland

This apprenticeship consists of four on-the-job phases with an approved employer and three off-the-job phases in an educational organisation. Apprentices will be invited to attend their off-the-job training phases in accordance with the SOLAS scheduling system.

Job profile 

The electrical craftsperson is concerned with the installation, commissioning, testing and maintenance of: electrical wiring systems and services; electrical plant and control equipment; process monitoring and control systems.

Apprentice Registration

To begin an apprenticeship, an applicant must be employed by an approved employer. To be eligible, the applicant must be
at least 16 years of age and have a minimum of grade D in any five subjects in the Junior Certificate or equivalent.  However, higher educational qualifications and other requirements may be sought by employers.

For entry to some apprenticeships, applicants are required to undergo a SOLAS-approved colour vision test.

Further Information

For more information on apprenticeships contact the apprenticeship section in your local Education and Training Board.

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