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Business Courses

Business Courses

Are you interested in becoming the next business tycoon or marketing manager for a global brand? At LIT you will gain the necessary business skills and knowledge which employers look for. Through a blend of both practical and theoretical learning you will be equipped to take the business world by storm! Sounds like you? Check out our business courses and CAO presentations below.

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CAO Code
CAO Points 2020/2021
Level 8 Courses
LC220 Business with Digital Marketing - BBs (Honours) 262 Limerick, Moylish
LC416 Business - BBs (Honours) 274 Thurles
LC320 Business - BBs (Honours) 346 Moylish, Limerick
LC223 Law & Taxation - BBs (Honours) 307 Moylish, Limerick
LC224 Accounting & Finance - BBs (Honours) 300 Moylish, Limerick
LC225 Marketing & Management - BBs (Honours) 298 Moylish, Limerick
LC226 Enterprise & Innovation - BBs (Honours) 234 Moylish, Limerick
LC330 Business with Computing - BBs (Honours) 297 Moylish, Limerick
Level 7 Courses
LC322 Enterprise & Innovation - BBs New for 2021 Moylish, Limerick
LC230 Business with Computing - BBs  217 Moylish, Limerick
LC415 Business - BBs 197 Thurles
LC605 Business - BBs 195 Ennis
Level 6 Courses
LC222 Marketing & Management - Higher Cert 270 Moylish, Limerick
LC221 Accounting & Finance - Higher Cert 241 Moylish, Limerick

Business & Financial Services CAO Presentation

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Marketing, Enterprise & Digital Communications CAO Presentation

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