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Creative Technology Courses

Creative Technology Courses

Do you love music, film, and creating your own video content? By choosing a course within creative technologies at LIT you will get the opportunity to harness your skills and equip yourself for the fast-paced media industry. Realise your creative potential and enter the world of TV or radio, or become a professional video or music producer! Check out our list of creative technology courses and view our CAO presentation video below.

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CAO Code
CAO Points 2020/2021
Level 8 Courses
LC371 Creative Broadcast & Film Production - BSc (Honours) 309 Moylish, Limerick
LC372 Music Technology & Production - BSc (Honours) 325 Moylish, Limerick
Level 7 Courses
LC276 Creative Broadcast & Film Production - BSc 297 Moylish, Limerick
LC270 Music Technology & Production - BSc 307 Moylish, Limerick

Creative Technology CAO Presentation

Any questions? Visit the Creative Technology Q&A page here.

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