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Science Courses

Science Courses

Do you have a passion for science? At LIT you will get the chance to further develop your interest in science and gain the invaluable skills needed in the demanding industry jobs of the future. Fulfil your dreams and forge a career in the exciting and growing science industry. Check out our list of science courses and our CAO presentation video below.

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CAO Code
CAO Points
Level 8 Courses
LC362 Biotechnology with Bopharmaceutical Science - BSc (Honours) 413 Moylish, Limerick
LC263 Medical Technology - BSc (Honours) 294 Moylish, Limerick
LC265 Forensic & Pharmaceutical Science - BSc (Honours) 413 Moylish, Limerick
LC266 Drug & Medicinal Product Analysis - BSc (Honours) 236 Moylish, Limerick
Level 7 Courses
LC267 Forensic & Pharmaceutical Science - BSc 329 Moylish, Limerick
LC268 Medical Technology - BSc 289 Moylish, Limerick
LC260 Applied Biology - BSc 326 Moylish, Limerick

Science CAO Presentation

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