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Rebekah - Marketing & Management

Rebekah - Marketing & Management

Hi, my Name is Rebekah and I am a second year student of Marketing and Management in LIT.

The reason I chose to study Marketing and Management was because the points to me seemed reasonable at the time, and when I researched further into the course I found out that Marketing and Management students often complete group projects and presentations, something which I believe is a strong point for me. Group projects also allows you the chance to meet new friends and mix with various people in your course. 

I also liked the variety of subjects, from marketing and management to law and accounting and even social and mobile marketing. 

When I was first looking into courses I went to all the usual places like Qualifax, and finally I spoke to family members. My uncle had previously been a student in LIT and explained to me how kind the lecturers are and helpful.  In LIT you’re more than a number in a class, you’re a person with a name and an individual personality. I loved that and decided LIT was the place for me.

When I first started in LIT I was very nervous, but on our first day we played various games with our classmates like ice breakers, which was great craic and allowed me to meet loads of my classmates as well as other students in the business course. As a result, I have lots of new friends all across the college.

My favorite thing about studying at LIT is the people. Everyone is kind and helpful and just looking for opportunities to make new friends.  From older students to new first years and even lecturers, everyone at LIT is kind and friendly! 

The facilities are also great with a gym, AstroTurf pitches and even our own Starbucks on campus!! 

If I was to give one piece of advice to the Leaving Cert class of 2020 it would simple be to work hard, cause once you get to college it’s all well worth it!