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Business Management Testimonial

Business Management Student Testimonial 

Business permeates through every industry sector and to progress in any organisation will demand graduates to have not only skills in their relevant fields but also the business skills to operate in an economic work place.

The Higher Diploma in Business Management is a part time, two-year programme aimed at non-business graduates who are looking to advance their careers by achieving a qualification in business management.

This programme will cover the key principles of business management and is structured to maximise student learning through facilitating students to consider the implementation of such concepts and principles in a work environment.

Have a read of our student testimonial ... 

The Higher Diploma in Business Management programme was an enriching experience and a positive stepping stone into a new career. What I especially liked in the flexible learning option was that it offered smaller group settings, with students from various backgrounds. Everyone brought forth a wide range of professional experience which was conducive to interesting group discussions.

Lecturers were available and attentive to students needs, adapting as necessary. Each lecturer was friendly and very knowledgeable in his/her specific field. Each went the extra mile to deliver relevant content to keep students engaged. The workload was very manageable. Assignments were well-balanced, meaningful and helped deepen understanding of concepts seen in class. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is seeking the opportunity to further their education.’ Cindy Blaney, Glass Lewis, Higher Diploma in Business Management 2019

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