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Flexible Learning - Myth Busting

It’s an often asked question a new flex-learning student (and a more experienced one) will ask.

In the interests of knowing what to expect, the below ‘List of Myths’ is a good place to start.


Myth #1: I can do assignments anytime.

Well, yes you can. There are due dates to follow but much flexitime before then to get tasks done.

Myth #2: Online courses do not follow the regular semester.

Yes, they do follow a semester cycle. Usually, 12 weeks but this can vary.

Myth #3: I can "hide" and remain anonymous in an online class.

Connection to your class is worthwhile and your lecturers will want to know your thoughts and will value your contributions.

Myth #4: Personal attention doesn’t exist in an online class.

Yes, personal attention online can be in plentiful supply should you choose.

Myth #5: Online classes are easier.

Depends on how you learn, but online learning is a popular pathway as many students do find it easier.

Myth #6: Broken computers are acceptable excuses.

No one likes an IT problem, but the LIT Help Desk is there for your enquiries.

Myth #7: I will be taught how to use a computer as part of my online class.

LIT has induction classes to assist you initially with your course set-up procedures. Online support is then provided throughout the term.

Myth #8: I can cram all my work into one login session.

It is a good practice to set aside certain times in a week, purely devoted to undertaking your coursework. Say a Wednesday evening from 8pm and then some time on a weekend. It’s not cramming, it’s good practice.

At LIT, your Flexible Learning experience, will be as if you were there, on campus, but with the ability to attend, at almost anytime.

With Flexibility, however comes Discipline and Personal Responsibility.

The staff at the Flexible Learning Office, and the bank of online teaching lecturers, are real people, who can really assist you.

Connect with us at LIT.

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