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Let's Talk Menopause

Let's Talk Menopause & Health at Work

(TUS Athlone Campus - 14th October 2022)


Since 2009, the International Menopause Society (IMS) and World Health Organization (WHO) have designated October as World Menopause Awareness Month. Thirteen years later, it's important that we self-reflect on some key questions; how aware and informed is our workplace? Are we encouraging and facilitating open conversations about menopause? Do staff experiencing menopause feel supported?


To mark World Menopause Day 2022 (18th October), the TUS EDI office collaborated with SHE Research Group to host a seminar on our Athlone campus; Let's Talk Menopause and Health at Work. In addition to the live event in the Douglas Hyde Theatre, we also livestreamed the event on Zoom to over 100 viewers.


In addition to the research shared by SHE Research Group, with a particular focus on health and nutrition around the menopause, two expert speakers were invited to present at the event. Dr Deirdre Forde works full-time in menopause care and treatment, having established her own clinic Ceile Medical in December 2019, whilst Dr Claire Hardy is a chartered psychologist considered one of the world's experts on menopause in the workplace.

In light of the learnings gained during this event, the TUS EDI office is planning further trainings and supports for those experiencing menopause in our workplaces, and is committed to raising awareness on this issue on a continued basis.