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Sam Cockburn Graduate Profile

When I graduated from the Creative Multimedia course I landed a job within a week, doing exactly what I wanted to do, software development. Five years later, I find myself at trumpet, leading a team of 6 engineers and working very closely with the CEO, Rory Sadler, backed by £1.8million in funding and used by over 1,500 businesses across the world and I'm having the time of my life!

This course set me up for success, it offers a wide variety of modules and a different methods of learning to suit all different types of people. By applying the programming principles taught in Creative Coding with other creative multimedia elements I was able to produce amazing projects that made me think outside of my comfort zone. In my current role the teachings from Interaction Design Principles and UI/UX design heavily influence the software I'm building, ensuring our customers have the best experience possible! And finally, leading a team of engineers would not have been possible without the opportunity to partake in group projects, to learn from each other and reflect on the projects together.