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Eoin Gleeson - 3rd Year Environmental and Geographical Science

My name is Eoin Gleeson and I am in my third year studying Environmental Science & Climate on the TUS Thurles campus.

I chose this course because firstly I like the sound of it, but I was also impressed with the variety of job prospects, the modules on the course and the central location of the TUS campus in Thurles.

The area of Environmental Science is a lifelong passion of mine. I enjoy the relevance and the topics we study such as GIS Mapping, Problem Based Learning weeks, Field Work and Lab Work.

When I started my studies in Thurles I was pleasantly surprised by the intimate size of the classes which made it so easy to make friends and also gain access to one-to-one chats with my lecturers.

Apart from my studies I also really enjoy the top class gym facilities on the Thurles campus which are up there with the best in the country. There is also a really friendly atmosphere around the campus and you always feel like you can talk to anyone.

I am a member of the Weightlifting Club and Environmental Society. I find that being a member of a club or a society is a great way to meet other people from different years and different courses.

Over the coming years I am looking forward to progressing with my education and hopefully getting a 1.1. honours degree.

Once I graduate I hope to go abroad working for a few years before coming back to Ireland and moving into an Environmental Management/Consultant position.

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