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Margaret - Student Testimonial 2021

Psychology Student Feedback 2021


Most Interesting Topics? Family Dynamics.­­­Family is where we start out our journey in life. In most cases, as we build an intimate close relationship, we go from our family of origin, to establishing our own family. For those of us who become parents, we hope that we provide the tools for our children to grow into healthy adults so that they too will form relationships that will lead to the creation of a family of their own.

Most Relevant Topic? Conflict and Negotiation. The tips on how to handle conflict are enduring and very useful in all sorts of situations. This area can be brought in to work life and home life and will always be relevant.

Most enjoyable? Perspectives. Looking at how the study of Psychology developed and learning about the different perspectives was just very interesting. Realising that there is no right or wrong answer is liberating.

Was there any part of the course you would like to have spent more time on? Not particularly, but I really liked the variety and I feel that the course provided a good taster and it provided the opportunity to develop my own skills in doing research.

Would you make any changes to the length of the programme? Yes. All good things come to an end. I would have been quite happy if there were a few more days but having said that, the course just left me hungry for more!

Do you feel adequate time was given to each section? Yes. Time is always a limited resource but each section was covered well and the notes provided, allows us to do further research in any area that we particularly like.

What are your key learnings about psychology from doing this course? Psychology is a very broad subject. Studying it can help make sense of one’s own behaviour and well as the behaviour of people we know.

Any general comments you would like to make? ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­I would have liked to have done this course in a real classroom setting but given the constraints of Covid 19, I was impressed that Zoom did work out well most of the time.

Margaret, Certificate in Psychology 2021