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Creative Photography

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10 Weeks


Art & Design

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Flexible & Professional


Clare Street

This programme is designed for those with an existing interest in photography who wish to develop their skills both creatively and technically and to accommodate students with a wide range of abilities who would like to get the most from their camera, not only by taking better photographs but by introducing the students to a range of photographic genres via a series of projects. We will be looking at using the different modes and functions of the cameras in order to have maximum control of the photographic image, as well as looking at lighting, processing, printing and presentation.

What are the entry requirements?

There are no formal academic entry requirements. Students will be required to bring their own camera, which should either be a digital SLR or digital compact camera with manual controls.

Who can I contact?

What modules will I study?

Students will be taught to use their camera effectively and will be given a thorough understanding of camera operation through creative projects. This course will also cover composition, lighting, digital image editing, retouching, printing and presentation.

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10 weeks, 2 hours per week.

Wednesday evenings from 7.00pm to 9.00pm.

We hope to run this programme again Spring 2023.


Continuous evaluation will take place with final evaluation on completion of programme


A Certificate of Completion will be issued to eligible participants

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For queries relating to the course content

Contact: Matthew Gidney


€200 (TBC)

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