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Lauren Cleere

This course has given me an incredible insight and industry knowledge into the world of Digital Marketing. I have always had a passion for marketing since covering event marketing modules during my undergrad course. This gave me an appetite to delve deeper into the digital aspects of marketing and led me towards this master’s programme.

My favourite part of this course has to be the Digital Technology and Design module, the Data Interpretation and Web Analytics module and the Managing Search Marketing module in semester 2. I loved learning how to use design programs like Balsamiq to create application mock-ups and visualising important marketing information using Google Data Studio. This course allowed me to channel my creative side along with honing in on the more technical aspects of Digital Marketing such as Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. Another element of this course that really suited me was the option to do a digital marketing strategy instead of a traditional thesis as my final project. This was a massive benefit for me, due to the fact I already completed one traditional thesis a few months before this programme. I believe the digital marketing strategy gave me an advantage entering the industry. I now have the knowledge of how to create a complete digital strategy for a company from scratch which is something not all entry level professionals have the privilege of knowing. The most beneficial aspect of this course is the collection of certifications I will leave with after this program. The certifications range from Shopify certifications to Facebook Blueprint, Google Analytics, Google Ads certifications and more. These accreditations are esteemed by all industry professionals and have equipped me with applicable knowledge to further my future career path.

This programme is second to none in terms of its content and capacity to prepare us for the working world. This is achieved by the team of lecturers behind this course who are not only admired as teachers, but as industry professionals to look up to as we start our own career journey.