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Mark Sheehan

The MSc in Digital Marketing provides a comprehensive programme that has taught me a mixture of analytical, technical, and theory-based skills that I could not do without today. I entered the digital marketing course with a bachelor’s degree in multimedia design, and I found the idea of pivoting into this new field to be daunting at first. However, thanks to the course containing such compelling learning material and supportive lecturers, I believe that it’s easy for anyone to gain an understanding for the work, not matter your previous experience!

   I found that a core tenant of the course has been to promote teamwork with other students. This has been a useful aspect of the course for me as it allowed me to improve my interpersonal skills within a marketing environment. I think that is crucial in any marketing role since they’re team-based endeavours. Communication with lecturers also feels formal while keeping a level of professionalism, and that reduces a lot of pressure from doing a master’s course. They seem down to earth, which is something you don’t see every day. Another aspect that I liked was the access you get to the marketing industry outside of classes. Lecturers constantly posted about new jobs in the industry which really helps with finding work and has helped me with building contacts with professionals in the industry.

Something I didn’t realise when I went into the course, was that students would get access to different seminars for free. So far, I’ve attended 2 different seminars, the Social Media Dublin and the DMX seminars. These gave me some useful information and have really added to my outlook on how to approach different industry projects. There also isn’t too many modules per semester either so it felt easy enough to juggle course work with other duties. A part of the course work even asks you to complete different certifications, and this gave me a real push to achieve extra qualifications because it didn’t feel like extra work. Now I have certificates in Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, Digital Marketing Fundamentals, and soon Facebook Blueprint and Google AdWords. These look great on my LinkedIn, and they have really improved my profile!

I think that the most important part of the course is that students were given access to a real company to base some of our projects on. We were even able to use their analytics information in the construction of strategies and content development. This was exceptional because it gave me some practical experience for the type of business that you could be handing in an actual digital marketing agency. I achieved some real, actionable skills and it’s made me feel comfortable with the idea of working in the industry. But the most important part of the course for me must be how understandable the content is made out to be. That’s achieved by how the lectures structure their presentations, the practical class work we’re given to improve our skills, and how interesting the work is. It’s a great course, and it’s really helped someone who didn’t even know what a keyword was, to gain enough knowledge to write an entire, actionable digital marketing strategy.