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Reece Dupler : Graduate Stories

My time at LIT truly enhanced my ability to work with people from a multitude of backgrounds. With the majority of the assignments happening in a small group setting, your ability to work with others was put to the test every day. This directly translates to the workplace, where being able to effectively work with others is imperative. In my job interview with Huntington, I was able to leverage this skill by talking about how it was developed and refined at LIT.

Overall, my experience at LIT was outstanding. From an education perspective, I learned a lot of practical skills that are currently benefitting me in the workplace and will continue to do so. In looking at the overall student experience, I made many lasting friendships that certainly enhanced my experience. Additionally, the ability to play with the college basketball team was a lot of fun and was another place where numerous memories were made.

Being an international student and having the opportunity to meet and connect with people from around the world was my favourite part. The classes were extremely hands on and interesting. The lecturers did a great job facilitating the problem-based learning process through a combination of their experience and knowledge. I’m extremely thankful to have had the opportunity to study at LIT and will forever cherish the knowledge I gained, and friendships I made during my time there.