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Traveller Support Worker

Traveller Support Worker

Support for Traveller Students

As part of TUS Access’s commitment to promoting equitable access to and successful participation in higher education, there is a dedicated support worker available to all Traveller students in both a pre-entry and post entry capacity.

Students can contact the service in confidence; and do not need to have previously identified as Traveller within the college, or before attending to speak with the support worker.

Should you have any questions or queries please contact the Traveller Support Worker (TSW) Aileen Sheehan ( or complete the form below.

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Pre-entry Traveller Support

  • Campus Visits
  • Information on Financial Supports Available
  • Assistance in choosing the right course
  • Information on the Transition to Higher Education Course

Post Entry Traveller Support

  • Regular Mentoring Support
  • Information on Student Supports
  • Guidance on applying for financial support

Support After Graduating

  • Information on career guidance support
  • Graduate Support Network

Traveller students from Cashel with Tipperary Rural Traveller Project staff and TUS staff at a recent culinary arts workshop