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Work Placement for Employers

Why choose TUS students?

TUS is nationally & internationally recognised for its work with employers. Work Placement is an accredited module that is embedded into an increasing number of programs within TUS.

How can Work Placement benefit your company?

Everyday in TUS, we meet highly capable students equipped with technical knowledge, brimming with new ideas & eager to start their career through work placement opportunities. Increasingly, placement providers are noticing the mutually beneficial & rewarding outcomes that students can bring into a workplace

  • Access to & identification of future talent
  • Connecting with talented students & graduates can bring up-to-date knowledge, fresh eyes & new perspectives.
  • Employers can recruit an additional resource to undertake projects
  • The opportunity to develop training, mentoring and management capabilities in staff
  • Playing a role in developing Irelands workforce, contributing to industry & enhancing our economy

Placement Guidelines to students and Employers

  • Work Placements are paid or unpaid
  • This varies by course/ industry sector
  • Payment is at the discretion of the placement provider
  • Where paid, TUS recommends the payment of at least minimum wage