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Students - FAQs

Staff - FAQs

  • What am I required to do in relation to PCR testing and antigen testing if I have symptoms of COVID-19?

    Employees should follow the current public health advice based on their personal circumstances. Full details are available here.

  • What do I do if I have been identified as a close contact?

    Staff/Students should follow the current public health guidance. A summary of the advice is available on the HSE website here.

  • What happens in the case of a staff or student member testing positive for Covid-19?

    TUS’s medical unit has developed care pathway documents for suspected student and staff Covid-19 cases on campus, and these pathways will guide TUS’s response to on-campus issues. Neither Staff nor students should not be on campus if they feel unwell, and staff should contact their GP in this instance.  Students should be reminded that they should not be on campus if they feel unwell, and that they should contact their own GP and

    Download the TUS Staff Suspected Case Care Pathway Document

    All are requested to download and use the state Covid-19 App.

    At all times, TUS’s priority is the health and safety of the TUS community.  All students are requested to adhere to the TUS Covid-19 Charter and accompanying guidelines, which can be found here.

  • Do I have to sign in/register when I come on campus?

    No, this is no longer a requirement; however, you are encouraged to take personal responsibility for maintaining a record of your daily interactions in the event that this information will be required by the HSE contact tracing team.

  • Do I wear a face covering or visor while teaching?

    Staff are required to wear a face covering at all times on campus when in public spaces and office spaces in the company of others. Lecturers are not required to wear coverings while teaching in instances where protective screens are installed as a protective measure. When demonstrating in workshops and labs and in close proximity to students, lecturers are required to wear a face covering.

  • In relation to computer labs and other shared teaching spaces, will cleaning materials be made available to staff and students to clean workspaces?

    Yes. Teaching spaces will include PPE stations which will allow for the distribution of wipes, gloves, sanitiser, etc.  Heightened cleaning protocols are in place across TUS for the duration of the pandemic, which include the frequent cleaning of fixtures and fittings including door handles, etc. 

    All students are requested to adhere to the Covid-19 Student Charter, while all staff, students and visitors are expected to exercise personal responsibility.  Students should be requested to clean down their working surface before use, using the equipment provided at sanitation stations.

  • Who do I talk to in relation to my workplace and Covid-19?

    Any queries should in the first instance be directed to your Head of Department/Line Manager. There are also Lead Worker Representatives (LWR’s) in place across all campuses to take any queries and concerns, and pass them on to the relevant parties.

  • Should staff who are very high risk from COVID-19 return to campus?

    It is widely recognised that certain people are at higher risk to COVID-19 than others. The HSE has classified higher risk into two categories, full details of which can be viewed here.

    A number of employees previously self-declared to the Human Resources Department that they were within the High-Risk categories. The current public health advice is that most people in these categories will be protected against the virus once they are vaccinated.

    Employees who remain in the Very High-Risk category who are concerned about returning to campus should contact  who will organise an appointment with the Institute’s Occupational Health Provider where necessary.

    Employees are encouraged to avail of a vaccine at the earliest opportunity. Further information on vaccination is available here.

  • Do absences in relation to COVID-19 impact on my sick leave?

    No, special leave with pay will be granted to employees who have been either diagnosed with COVID-19, or medically recommended to self-isolate. This does not impact their normal sick leave. Further information is available from 


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