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Welcome to the Limerick Institute of Technology Students' Union Survey Centre.

This is the hub of all Surveys submitted to your Union both by current students to help them in their Projects and by Organizations to help gather data on important issues like mental and physical health.

Occasionally from time to time you will see the odd survey from your Union so be sure to bookmark this page.

If you wish to submit a survey please email

Current active Student Union surveys:

Student Survey - International Survey

Current active surveys submitted by Students:

No Surveys active.

Current active surveys submitted by Organizations:

ADHD Ireland - Survey for young people between 18-24 with ADHD

UL Student Ruth Minihan - Popularity of Horse Racing In the Future Generation

Sinn Féin - Student Wellbeing Survey

UL Student Lauren Brodie - How bodies/authorities conveys their information to target markets


Please be aware that video and photography content on this website was produced prior to COVID-19