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European Funded Programme, hosted by LSAD LIT, to encourage the integration of cutting-edge digital fabrication technologies into craft-making


03 February 2021

Applications are now being sought for 20 participants for a European funded programme, hosted by Limerick School of Art and Design, LIT, in partnership with the Design & Crafts Council Ireland (DCCI), and aimed at integrating cutting-edge digital fabrication technologies into craft-making.

The programme, iAtelier, is a core activity of the Crafting Europe Project* which is led by DCCI and supported by Creative Europe**.

Originally planned for 2020, iAtelier was postponed until this spring due to the outbreak of the global Covid-19 pandemic.
The programme is being led by Digital Design and Fabrication Lecturer, LSAD, Michael Mc Laughlin, and will be implemented across eight European countries. 

“iAtelier aims to create a craft innovation springboard by providing participants with training, access to new tools, and opportunities to network with designers, craftspeople and experts from across each host country. By exploring the intersection of traditional and digital tools and techniques, the participants will be encouraged to develop a myriad of creative and innovative projects,” he said.
Applications from a digital design background, traditional craft background or both are invited to apply for the programme.

The iAtelier Introduction Series will take place in April 2021, where participants from both digital design and traditional crafts backgrounds will introduce their work and explore future design collaborations.

A series of expert talks will follow, where participants will attend a series of online live talks from expert designers and craftspeople introducing how they utilise digital technologies and digital fabrication within their practice.

Following on from these events, participants will be invited to apply for the Maker Workshops. To be eligible participants will need to form a collaborative partnership of two or more participants. The collaborative partnership will be asked to create a digital craft project proposal and five of these partnerships will then be selected by the Crafting Europe team to develop their project through the Maker Workshops at Limerick School of Art & Design, LIT.

The Deadline for iAtelier Online is midnight on February 17, 2021. Application forms for the programme can be found on